Some natural remedies to relieve painful periods

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Painful periods are an ordeal for many women today. Achieving a pain-free period is a real challenge. However, there are some natural solutions to counter this pain during the menstrual period. In the following article, we will tell you about some of these

Some natural plants to fight against painful periods

There are a few herbs in traditional medicine that can be used to fight painful periods. The first of these plants that you can use is the raspberry leaf. This leaf has therapeutic properties and is widely used in traditional medicine. In order to use this plant for menstrual pain, you need to prepare an infusion with a dose of two spoons of raspberry leaf powder. Then simply drink this infusion gently and the pain will gradually disappear after a few hours. Yarrow is also a plant with very advanced therapeutic properties. Making an infusion with such a plant will allow you to relax and ease the pain of menstruation.

Some essential oils to combat painful periods

There are several herbal oils that can effectively combat painful periods. Borage oil is one of the best essential oils for relaxing during menstruation. Olive oil and coconut oil are also natural plant extracts that help to avoid period pain. For a good use of these essential oils, it is necessary to follow some prescriptions in terms of dosage and use. It is important that women with particular problems related to the uterus consult specialists in the field before any use. The principle of use of these oils is very simple. Simply massage the lower abdomen with a small amount of essential oil to help relax the uterus. When you have a very caring partner, this is a major advantage. He or she will be able to make these passes several times during the day.