Are there natural remedies that work in medicine ?

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For a long time, traditional medicine has been the only treatment for mankind. The question is whether these different natural remedies have a real impact on health. In the rest of this article,

Some natural plants to cure diseases

There are several plants in the world that are used by traditional medicine to cure incurable ailments and diseases. Modern medicine is also inspired by these plants. Many medicines and antibiotics are made from plants and plant derivatives. Beyond all this, here are some plants that cure specific diseases. Garlic is an effective remedy for flu and bronchitis. Aromatic herbs or other herbs in the same category are very effective against coughs and respiratory diseases. Lemon is also a widely used remedy in traditional medicine. It is used to add to other herbs in the bus to cure. It can also be used to treat colds and flu. Other plants such as acacia or aloe are also used in African traditional medicine to treat serious illnesses.

Disadvantages of using plants 


The use of plants in traditional medicine does not only have advantages. It can also be very dangerous for the body and even for vital organs. Indeed, traditional medicine does not respect any rules for the administration of herbal teas and various herbal substances. It is common to see overdose when taking various herbal teas. Herbal teas in traditional medicine have shown their effectiveness over time. However, it must be emphasised that the administration of herbal teas in traditional medicine is done under testimonies and without knowing the time of action of this tea. This makes it difficult to follow up and can even cause damage to certain organs. In addition, it may happen that the patient has allergies. In this case, there is no way in traditional medicine to ensure a good treatment for the patient.